'It's not how much you give, but how much love you put into giving' - Mother Teresa

More Than A Gift

When you give someone a Box Of Favours you are giving them the most precious thing of all... your time.

A Box Of Favours is a beautifully designed box full of favour cards and a fun contract to sign. The box is then given away to someone special and when they present you with the card, you do the favour!

what is a Box Of Favours?

  • How Does it Work?

    The concept of Box Of Favours is simple...

    1) Buy a Box Of Favours for someone special

    2) Fill in the 5 black favour cards

    3) Sign the tongue in cheek contract inside (A promise to fulfil the favours)

    4) Give the Box Of Favours away to someone special

    5) When they present you with the favour card.. you do the favour!

    Remember..... What goes around comes around!

  • The Contract

    The first thing that the recipient will see when they open the box is a thick black envelope with gold foil print that reads.. 'THE CONTRACT'

    Inside the envelope is a fun contract which is to be signed by the person giving away the Box Of Favours and is a promise to fulfil the favours within the box.

    A failure to do so will be 'punished accordingly'

  • Favour Cards

    In each Box Of Favours there are 15 high quality white cards with gold foil stamped boarders.

    10 of these cards have set favours and 5 of these cards are left blank for the person giving away the box to get creative and to use their imagination!

    Each card can only be used once and all favours must be redeemed within one year.


What are the set favour cards?

The Set Favours Are:

- Breakfast In Bed

- A Special Meal

- A Day Out

- Back Massage

- 1hr Peace and Quiet

- A Big Cuddle

- House Chore

- Movie Of Choice

- Tea or Coffee x 5

- I Win This Debate

What are the blank cards for?

The blank cards are for you to choose your own personal favours!

Remember, What goes around comes around!

What does the contract say?

I   ...................

hereby undertake to deliver any of the favours within this box when presented with the card by .................

I understand that by not delivering a favour as requested, I will not only be a miserable sod but also in breach of this contract and shall be punished accordingly.

All favours must be completed within a year of receipt and only one favour can be redeemed per day.

Signed ....................

Date ...................

Where can I buy a Box Of Favours?

Box Of Favours is sold exclusively on Amazon.co.uk